Our Mission

The mission of HCAEC, Inc. is to provide services based on individual preferences and needs. We will provide, within a safe, caring and considerate environment, developmentally disabled persons training in life, social and work skills that will enable them to function in the community.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of HCAEC, Inc. is based on the concept that the developmentally disabled are individuals with the same basic rights and privileges accorded to the non-disabled. We will provide services on a continuum from the very basic self-care needs to total independence for those developmentally disabled individuals whose needs cannot be met elsewhere. These services will be provided in the facility and in the home and community as the needs of the individual dictate.

Happiest Hour of the Day

For a better understanding of Happy Hour and our many services, click here to to read
The Happiest Hour of the Day,
which was published in His Voice, a monthly Christian magazine.

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