Community Employment

The Community Employment program is designed to help individuals with disabilities learn valuable job skills and to assist them in obtaining employment. Community Employment employs over a dozen individuals in various businesses throughout Houston County. These individuals hold regular jobs and receive support services from our staff. The individuals who participate in the program benefit from the generosity of the employers in the community who provide employment for them to learn how to become a productive employee. Community Employment is paid employment in an ordinary workplace with pay equal to other employees in that position. The program involves job coaches who are on-site regularly and are available to management staff at any time.  We also provide transportation to insure the employees get to work as scheduled.

Community Employment offers job development classes five days a week. In job development class, individuals learn various job skills to help them gain employment in the community. Skills include learning how to properly complete job applications, learning proper etiquette and social skills in the workplace, and practicing proper interviewing skills. The class also works in the computer lab to learn basic computer skills, look and apply for jobs online, learn vocational skills, and work on typing skills.  Once a month, the individuals in the class go on a field trip to different businesses to learn more about employment out in the community.


Contracted janitorial services provides options for Participants to learn specific work site skills through on-the-job training.