Residential Programs

HCAEC, Inc., provides individuals with group home and supported living arrangements.  Based on individual needs, we offer twenty-four hour Residential Group Home Service and a Semi-Independent Supported Living Service.  There are six 4-bedroom group homes which offer 24-hour supervision, with transportation available.  The group homes are located on Myrtle Street and at the Huntington Village Complex.  The interiors are large, comfortable and decorated with the individual’s needs and desires.

Falcon Park I & II, our group homes, have provided residential services since 1993.

Our Falcon Park III, HUD, 9 Unit, Apartment Complex provides semi-independent living arrangements. Happy Hour is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and a United Way Agency which is CARF accredited.

The Semi-Independent Supported Living Apartments are located on Myrtle Street. The apartment complex (Falcon Park III) is 17,510 sqft. The complex is comprised of 6 single and 2 double bedroom units. Each apartment has a kitchen dining room, 1 bath and a living room. There is a community room, courtyard, and a laundry facility. These apartments are specially designed for developmentally disabled individuals capable of semi-independent living. Happy Hour staff provides assistance with activities of daily living.

We operate seven group homes and provide supported living arrangements for persons served.